Stand Up for a Complete Street on Atlantic Avenue

Brooklyn Petition by Transportation Alternatives

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Atlantic Avenue is one of Brooklyn’s busiest streets, but it lacks the bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure needed to protect Brooklynites from dangerous traffic. No street is complete while it put lives at risk -- more work is needed to complete Atlantic Avenue.

Join Transportation Alternatives and 100,000 New Yorkers committed to safe and complete streets in New York City. Speak up for protected bike lanes, pedestrian safety and transit improvements on Atlantic Avenue by adding your name to the letter below.

This petition will be delivered to: 
Brooklyn Community Boards 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 16
We support the installation of protected bike lanes, pedestrian safety improvements and Select Bus Service on Atlantic Avenue. These improvements will save lives, boost local business and make our neighborhood more vibrant and inviting. To ensure the safety of all New Yorkers, as well as to promote bicycling, walking and public transit use, we call on you to install bike lanes, pedestrian safety improvements and Select Bus Service on Atlantic Avenue. Bike lanes and pedestrian safety improvements on similar streets have been shown to: - Reduce traffic crashes and injuries by as much as 40 percent - Boost local business - Make bus travel appealing, efficient and reliable - Beautify the streetscape These simple, affordable infrastructure changes have the power to improve quality of life in our neighborhood exponentially. I support a Complete Street for Atlantic Avenue and I hope you will too.
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