Calm Traffic in Front of PS154 in Windsor Terrace

We would like the DOT to implement a speed hump and other traffic calming measures to slow down the big trucks and cars speeding down 11th Avenue from the Prospect Expressway. 

At least half of our school community has to cross at this intersection daily going to and from school. While we have a crossing guard in place in the morning and afternoon at pickup, our crossing guard frequently has to step in front of moving cars in order to usher kids and families as well as school staff safely across the street. When the crossing guard is not there kids, families, and staff have to cross at their own risk.

While we understand that traffic speed on our local streets is a high-priority concern, we feel that the danger posed at this intersection is urgent and requires urgent remedy in the form of a speed hump and other traffic calming measures that force expressway traffic to check their speed.

This petition will be delivered to
City Councilmember Brad Lander
As a parent or resident in Windsor Terrace, you already know well that cars and trucks speed down 11th Ave and are a grave danger for our children, families and pets. What you may not know is that the DOT has proposed speed humps on many of our side streets but are completely neglecting 11th Ave in front of PS 154 where our children are most vulnerable and where traffic is VERY dangerous.
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