Cyclists Deserve a Head-Start! Support Intro 1072 (the LPI bill)

NYC City Council had a great hearing in November 2016 on the Leading Pedestrian Interval (LPI) bill that allows cyclists to legally proceed using the pedestrian walk signal, and ahead of traffic.


There's a lot of good momentum for the bill already and we want to keep it going. City Hall is behind it, DOT is behind it, and NYPD - even with some reservations - is more supportive of it than some of the coverage might suggest. Read Larissa's story:

I've lost track of the hundreds of cars that have turned in front of me. In my opinion, this is the most dangerous aspect of riding a bike. Because of this, whenever possible I prefer to have a head start on cars so that I can be in front and visible to them. Letting cyclists use the LPI along with pedestrians makes complete sense.

We need cyclists to be safe in traffic, which means getting the same head-start seen and used by people on foot.


To go the extra mile, please contact your City Council member (you can do so using this link: and urge them to support the LPI bill if they aren't already. You can also call members who represent districts where you work or even bike through on a regular basis.


This bike-related bill has the chance to change the entire NYC culture surrounding biking, as it recognizes a fundamental difference between bikes and cars: cyclists need rights that are specific to biking, and more protection under this bill. 

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The New York City Council- Corey Johnson
The LPI signal that is used currently for pedestrians should be opened up for use by cyclists. Cyclists on the streets of New York must be on alert both for cars and pedestrians. The best scenario when out riding day after day is to be ahead of cars, in front of cars or protected from cars. It's a safety issue because when bicycles are forced to use the same signals as cars, what typically happens are cars turning left in front of (and into) cyclists.

Support the Intro 1072 bill and give cyclists a safe, head-start!
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