Make left turns illegal from Broadway onto Hooper St. in Brooklyn

The problem I'm seeking to address is pedestrian and cyclist safety when trying to safely cross the street. Following the Mayor's goal of Vision Zero the City needs to step in and fix dangerous intersections that have a repeated incident rate as the Broadway and Hooper Street intersection does (two collisions in two days). My goal is to not get injured by a careless driver and to ensure to prevent future occurances at the intersection of Broadway and Hooper Street.

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Polly Trottenberg, Commissioner of the New York City Department of Transportation
On the evening of November 4, 2016 while crossing the street - both in the crosswalk and with the pedestrian signal; not on my phone or using ear buds - I was struck by a SUV making a left hand turn onto Hooper Street heading south. The night before a cyclist was struck in the exact same spot and was rushed to the emergency room. While the man who struck me admitted to not paying attention while he was driving, two collisions in two days indicates a dangerous intersection. The City needs to step in create a safer intersection for pedestrians and cyclists. I would like to see left turns banned from Broadway when turning south onto Hooper Street, or at the very least an arrow added to the traffic light signal at which point the pedestrian signal should indicate that it's not safe to cross the street.
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