In Memory of Lauren Davis, Classon Avenue Needs a Bike Lane!

Classon Avenue has been terrifying and dangerous for too long -- and now, a New Yorker is dead just from riding her bike there. Classon Avenue needs a bike lane now.


In April, a beloved Brooklynite named Lauren Davis was killed by a driver while she rode her bike on Classon Avenue. Lauren was a crafter, an animal lover, an adored sister, daughter, partner, and friend. If there had been a bike lane on Classon Avenue, Lauren Davis would have been alive today. Thousands more cyclists who ride Classon Avenue need protection now.


67 cyclists and 98 pedestrians have been injured on Classon Avenue since 2009. Two people have been killed. Please put an end to this dangerous trend and make Classon Avenue safe for cyclists with a bike lane.

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Council Member Laurie Cumbo, Council Member Robert Cornegy, Council Member Stephen Levin, Community Boards 2 & 3
I am one of thousands of Brooklyn residents who rely on Classon Avenue to get where I need to go. Currently, conditions there are very dangerous for bike riding.

67 cyclists and 98 pedestrians have been injured on Classon Avenue since 2009. Two people have been killed.

In 2012, Classon Avenue received a road diet which changed a two-lane street into a one-lane street with widened parking lanes on both sides. These widened lanes encourage cyclists to ride there without any protection or caution to drivers. The organization of Classon Avenue puts cyclists in direct unguarded danger under the guise of extra space to ride.

Installing a marked bike lane on Classon Avenue would not only define separate road spaces for bikes and cars, but it would also help prevent senseless deaths, such as the crash that killed Lauren Davis on April 15, 2016. These partitioned spaces consecrate bicyclists as lawful roadway users whose rights will be protected, if violated by any vehicle.

A bicycle lane on Classon Ave would function to enhance the safety for everyone driving, walking, riding on this street. Please help us petition for a bike lane on Classon Avenue.

CC: DOT Commissioner Trottenberg
Public Advocate Letitia James
D.A. Ken Thompson
Borough President Eric Adams
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