NYC Cyclists Demand a Bike Mayor

No one better understands the dangers of New York City streets and the deterrents to cycling better than people who ride bikes. Cyclists need a liaison in government who can articulate these risks and speak up for the needs of New York City cyclists.

Send a message to Mayor Bill de Blasio to demand that he appoint a Bike Mayor to represent people who ride bikes in New York City today. 

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Mayor Bill de Blasio
Dear Mayor Bill de Blasio,
Appoint a a Bike Mayor to represent people who bike in New York City.
Like the “night mayor” you appointed last year, people who ride bicycles need a voice in your administration.
There’s no better time than now to appoint a Bike Mayor: the growth of the protected bike lane network has stalled, the expansion of bike share and impending legalization of e-bikes and scooters means that there are more people on two wheels who need a voice in government than ever before, and just one week into 2019, two people have been killed while biking on New York City streets.
Late last year, two cyclists were killed in non-protected bike lanes. One of the two cyclists killed this year was doored by a driver. These are the sort of tragedies that cyclists fear, yet non-cyclists would never consider a threat. Unique dangers like these make the need for a Bike Mayor all the more urgent. We, the cyclists, need a voice in City Hall.
The Bike Mayor could be the face of the City’s bicycling initiatives -- working alongside advocates and city leaders to provide vision, convene stakeholders, and demand accountability. It would be their goal to grow the share of trips made by bike, and serve as a liaison between city government and people who ride bikes.
More than one million New Yorkers ride a bike at least once a month. It's time we had someone who speaks for us at City Hall. Mayor de Blasio, appoint a Bike Mayor today.

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