NYC Needs Congestion Pricing

In New York City, our subways are failing and our streets are gridlocked. 

Congestion pricing will relieve the congestion, make streets safer, and support a long-term lifeline to fix New York City's public transit system.

Tell Governor Cuomo: I want congestion pricing for NYC!

Right now, Governor Cuomo is considering congestion pricing. Send him a message that you want a fair pricing plan in New York City.

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Governor Andrew Cuomo, Your City Council Member, City Council Transportation Chair Ydanis Rodriguez
Dear Governor Andrew Cuomo,

Thank you for your endorsement of congestion pricing for New York City. Congestion pricing could ease congestion, reduce pollution, make streets safer, and provide a long-term lifeline for our public transit system.

Congestion pricing requires the addition of automated tolls to the East River bridges and setting a cordon on Upper Manhattan. The Move NY Plan offers an equitable addition: lower current inter-borough bridge and tunnel tolls when you create these new ones.

New York City's transportation networks need a solution that will last for decades, and congestion pricing is the only answer. Please do everything you can to introduce congestion pricing to New York City.
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