Pass Congestion Pricing: Fix the Subways and Make Our Streets Safer

Albany must #FixTheSubway and make our streets safer by passing congestion pricing.

Our transportation system is in a state of crisis. Cuts to basic upkeep have crippled the subway and bus networks. Delays on the subway have tripled over the last five years. Streets are clogged with traffic, which results in buses that travel at walking speeds, delayed deliveries, and increased danger to pedestrians and bicyclists. Meanwhile, subway and bus fares are set to rise this year, while drivers in private vehicles -- the least efficient, most dangerous, and highest polluting commuters -- travel for free.

That’s why we need Albany to pass congestion pricing now.

Under a congestion pricing plan, cars will pay their fair share -- a small fee, similar to a Metrocard swipe -- when they drive in central Manhattan. In exchange, they’ll get to where they need to go faster, and the subway will get billions of dollars for improvements.

The status quo is no longer an option. The city's future depends on congestion pricing. Tell Albany: pass congestion pricing now.

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