They want to make speeding legal on Ocean Parkway. Tell your rep. NO WAY!

A handful of politicians are seeking to raise the speed limit on Ocean Parkway. This reckless idea will undermine the progress we've made on Vision Zero

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Your State Assembly Member, Your State Senator, Senator Simcha Felder, Assemblyman Steven Cymbrowitz, Assembly Member Carl Heastie, Senator Jeff Klein, Senator John Flanagan
Ocean Parkway should be a place where we are all safe. I want to live in a city where children and older folks are able to cross the street without fear of losing their lives. 88 year-old Feliks Dadiomov was killed this January attempting to cross Ocean Parkway. But instead of making Brooklyn safer, State legislation has been introduced to make Ocean Parkway even more dangerous by increasing the speed limit to 30 mph. Please stand up and oppose this shortsighted legislation. Since July 2012 there have been more than 279 pedestrian injuries on Ocean Parkway. Four pedestrians have been killed during that time. Brooklyn needs calmer traffic and better enforced speed limits, not more speeding vehicles. The speed limit was lowered to 25 mph in 2014 because 5 mph makes the difference between life and death. At 30 mph the risk of death increases by 70%. We should never go backwards when it comes to safety. NYC has bucked the national trend of dramatically rising traffic fatalities, in large part due to our 25 mph speed limit. For Albany to dictate a higher more dangerous speed limit will set a lethal precedent for the entire city. Please be a leader and actively oppose A6724-Cymbrowitz, S5170-Felder and similar legislation in the State Senate one-house budget proposal under Part AAA of S.2008-B.
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