ACT NOW: Protect Schoolkids From Speeding Before Law Expires

There are over 1 million students in the New York City public school system, but less than 7% of their schools are protected from speeding drivers -- and those protections are about to expire! 

Today, New Yorkers are demanding more protection for their children. A coalition of parents, students, and educators have joined together to demand Albany legislators renew and expand protection from speeding near schools.

Tell your legislator that you support Bill # S6046-C / A7798-C -- commonsense bipartisan legislation endorsed by the editorial boards of the New York Post and the New York Daily News to expand speed safety cameras near New York City schools this session. 

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Your NY State Senator and NY State Assembly Member
Speeding is a leading cause of death and injury for children in New York City. These tragedies -- and hundreds more speed-related crashes -- are entirely preventable.

Speed cameras work. In New York City, speed cameras reduced speeding by 60%. But this technology is currently limited to protecting only 140 school zones -- and that authorization is about to expire.

Every New Yorker deserves to be safe from speeding drivers. Protect me and your other constituents by re-authorizing and expanding the speed safety camera program to protect more New York City schools. Support Bill # S6046-C / A7798-C this legislative session.
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