Traffic Calming & Bike Lanes for Van Duzer Street Corridor

The Van Duzer Street corridor has become a popular bypass for speeding drivers trying to avoid major Staten Island thoroughfares.

  • These roads are heavily residential and speeding poses a real threat to members of the community.
  • There are several schools and places of worship in this corridor that are also in danger.

NYC DOT has a proposed plan to install traffic calming measures and improve pedestrian and bicycling infrastructure, which includes:

  • Highly-visible crosswalks at major pedestrian crossings.
  • Smart street design to curtail dangerous speeding.
  • Improvements to sidewalks.
  • Bicycle lanes.

The updated DOT plan (Jan. 2017) can be viewed HERE.

We need Staten Island Community Board 1 to vote in favor of implementing these necessary street safety improvments!

This petition will be delivered to
Staten Island Community Board 1
The Van Duzer Street Corridor has become a haven for dangerous speeders on Staten Island, with more than half of the cars travelling these roads exceeding the speed limit by more than 5 MPH.

The Department of Transportation's plan for this corridor addresses the problems of speeding by reducing lane width and improving intersections. It also adds enhanced crossings and bike lanes to help further protect pedestrians and bicyclists. This plan should be approved, as it protects all road users.
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