Zero on Hylan Boulevard

Hylan Boulevard, Staten Island’s longest roadway, serves as one of the borough’s primary arterial roadways and is the only continuous north-south route on the South Shore of Staten Island. Throughout this corridor, there are many residential communities and active commercial districts that attract high volumes of vehicular traffic. On a typical weekday, 44,000 vehicles and 32,000 bus riders use the 14-mile-long corridor.

Hylan Boulevard is also one of Staten Island's deadliest roads. Six of the the ten deadliest intersections on S.I. are on this road and, when adjusted for population density, Hylan Boulevard is far deadlier than the infamous Queens Boulevard - long known as the "Boulevard of Death".

After being named a Vision Zero Priority Corridor, we have yet to see significant effort or resources put into making Hylan Boulevard safer for everyone. This is unacceptable, but we have the power to change it by making our voices heard.

Tell our elected officials that we need a champion for street safety on Staten Island and, if they truly want Vision Zero to be a success in their borough, they should demand that more effort and resources are put into creating a safer Hylan Boulevard for everyone!




This petition will be delivered to
Borough President James Oddo, Council Member Debi Rose, Council Member Steven Matteo, Council Member Joe Borelli
After being named a Vision Zero Priority Corridor, Hylan Boulevard has not seen much improvement. In 2015, a wave of pedestrian and cyclist fatalities caused Transportation Alternatives to name Hylan Boulevard the “New Boulevard of Death” because when adjusted per capita, Hylan Boulevard is far more dangerous than the notorious Queens Boulevard - the original “Boulevard of Death”. Six of the ten deadliest Staten Island intersections are on Hylan Boulevard, and it is only getting worse.

This is unacceptable and we need you, as our elected representative, to become a champion for street safety on Staten Island and demand that NYC put more effort and resources into making Hylan Boulevard safer for everyone.

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